Product Name : Flexible and Printed Electronics Application
Flexible Electronic Printing Introduction

Different processes of flexible electronics manufacturing have been developed in the past decade, such as direct printing onto a substrate or de-bond a fabricated flexible device from a panel, each process has its advantages and competitiveness. Printing of conductive ink and dielectric ink onto the substrates is a direct and additive process which offers a low cost and more environmentally friendly manufacturing method. The benefits of printed electronics have captured the attention of manufacturers and researchers while the flexible substrate de-bonding process also takes its place in the field. The market for printed and flexible electronics is set to reach over $73 billion by 2025(IDTechEx). The idea of flexible & printed products such as flexible sensors, wearables device, smart packaging, flexible OLED lightings, wta live score,flexible metal mesh that can be mass produced is attractive for many markets. formula 1 singapore offers process equipment such as flexographic printing, gravure printing, coating, flexible de-bonding, flexible laminating machines and provides experimental testing service for customers in the flexible electronic field.

  • UHF & HF RFID Tags
  • Functional Substrates
  • Flexible OLED Lighting
  • Flexible Panels
  • Flexible Sensors
  • Flexible Film (PET/PEN/PI/PE/PAPPER…etc)
  • Flexible Glass
  • Flexible ITO Substrate
  • Foils (Aluminium/Copper)
  • Composite material (Foil+PI/Carbon+PI/Film+Papper…etc)
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